We, at Prakruti school Kalaburagi, emphasize on providing value based education. We strive to develop in each student – mastery of fundamentals, intellectual discipline and self reliance which provides the best foundation for achieving professional success.We provide perceptive teaching that awakens the creative and leadership skills present in every individual.

About Prakruti school Kalaburagi

About Prakruti school Kalaburagi

Karnataka No1 Cbse School

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Self Development

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The Importance of Expression

Speaking, maybe in any form, interpersonal, small group, public speaking, has been of paramount importance.......

Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity

Prakruti school Kalaburagi has retained its character over the years, maintaining the tradition of providing quality education for the past 45 years that encompasses academics, sports and co-curricular activities as tools for character development. We challenge students to develop a sense of responsibility that will enable them to make a real difference in the world and equip them to become international citizens of the twenty-first century. We believe the education system of a school must amalgamate learning with joy and motivate the students’ minds with magnanimous thoughts.