Code Of Conduct

Code of conduct:

• It is compulsory to wear proper uniform in the school. For boys hair must be neatly trimmed and girls should make one plait using only black hair band/ pins. Any kind of jewellery, mehandi, kajal, nail paint and coloured hair pins are not allowed.
• During school time student will not be allowed to leave the school premises. They should bring their lunch & books etc. along with them. In case it is absolutely essential then they may obtain a written permission from the Principal to the effect.
• Maintaining the school property is the responsibility of every one. Painting, scribbling, breaking of furniture or damaging the school property in any way is a punishable offence which include severe disciplinary action such as a fine, suspension or expulsion. In this regard Principal's decision will be final and binding.
• Students are expected to maintain good relations with others and they are not supposed to indulge in any kind of antisocial activity. In case of problem they should contact either proctor or the Principal immediately.
• Student should behave respectfully to teachers, staff members and others inside or outside the school premises.
• Identity Cards must be brought daily.
• Students must not be involved in any activity which is against the institutions/ organisation.
• Birthday party will not be celebrated in the school campus. On the day of birthday the students are only allowed to bring sweets or anything without wrappers. No return gifts can be brought.
• No student is allowed to bring and use any kind of intoxicating agent. Any violation will bring severe disciplinary action.
• Character Assassination of Principal, Teacher, Staff or any other Student is punishable offence.
• Fraud, theft and antisocial activities are punishable by law.
• According to CBSE it is compulsory for every student to appear in all the Formatives/ Unit tests and Summatives. Please note that it is the parent's responsibility to monitor and ensure their academic progress.
• It is the moral responsibility of every student not to hurt the prestige of institution in any way. Any such action will be regarded as a serious misconduct. Principal will have the authority to punish, fine, warn, temporary rustication or expulsion.
• If a student remains absent for more than 15 days without any prior information then his/ her name will be struck off.
• All those students who are on Medical Leave on normal or exam days should submit Medical Certificate to the Examination In-charge. No weight will be given on its basis.
• Half day leave will not be considered except on medical ground.

Transfer Certificate:

Only after obtaining the ‘No-dues certificate’ issued by the accounts office a student will be eligible to receive the TC (Transfer Certificate). If the TC is lost once it cannot be provided twice until and unless the Education Department instructs the school for this in written.

Notice by CBSE Board

1. All the Schools Affiliated to be Board shall upload scanned copy of the Transfer Certificate's issued by them on their official website.
2. All the Schools Affiliated to be Board shall issue the Transfer Certificate as per the format given in Annexure 1 of the Examination Byelaws.(Copy Enclosed)
3. The Schools shall also mention in the Transfer Certificate AFFILIATED TO THE CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION below the name and address of the school along with the Affiliation Code No.
4. In the case of Transfer from one CBSE affiliated school to another, affiliation status of the school be verified from the Board's website>e-affiliation>list of affiliated schools as also from the school's website and the name and Affiliation number recorded on the Transfer Certificate.
5. The head of the school shall ensure that the name of the school from where the Transfer Certificate has been issued appears on the Board's website as an affiliated school and does not appear in the list of Disaffiliated Schools.
6. The Transfer Certificate shall be countersigned by the Manager/Secretary/member of the School managing Committee and the Head of the school while forwarding the same to the Board in cases of direct admission and seeking approval from the Board.
7. In case of doubt/apprehension about the Transfer Certificate, the matter be referred to the Board for clarification.
8. School managements shall make all out efforts to admit students having valid Transfer Certificate from a school recognized by/affiliated to recognized Boards
A copy of circular in this regard issued by Controller of Exam dated 26.11.14 can also be obtained from the Board's official website